The Best Glass for Your Whiskey

To the inexperienced, the form of glass in which you serve your whiskey may not matter a lot. However, the truth is that the chosen whiskey glass can have a huge impact on how you appreciate the whiskey. For centuries, whiskey has been around already. However, only in recent years people have started to think about the ideal whiskey glasses to use.

Fortunately, when it comes to whiskey glasses, aficionados are now overindulged for options with the increase of popularity of whiskeys and single malts.

If you’re planning to buy online whiskey, here are a couple of glasses that you should consider for your home bar:


For a lot of master blenders throughout the globe, the copita glass is the favored glass. You can find copita glasses on a lot of bars and offices. However, you can also find them in the houses of whiskey enthusiasts. Copita glasses were originally utilized by traders to confirm the quality of imported sherry many years ago. This was done on the docks of harbors. That’s why a copita glass can also be called the “dock glass”. The form of the glass is made to avoid the hand of the drinker to interfere with the smell.


The Norlan Glass is a modern version of the tulip glass. However, it now includes a couple of excellent features. For example, a Norlan Glass has a double-walled structure. This avoids the whiskey from getting heated by the warmth of your hands. This approach is frowned upon by some but encouraged by others.

Aside from that, the inner glass has protrusions found at the bottom. This improves the rate of oxidation and the air-to-surface ratio when swirling. This will enable the whiskey to be more dramatic.


For a lot of enthusiasts, the Glencairn is the preferred glass. Also, it is perhaps the most popular tulip-shaped glass. You will find a lot of these glasses at shops and distilleries. You can also find them at a couple of tasting events and festivals. The Glencairn glass is more durable compared to other glasses. That’s why they are extremely useful in bars and other crowded areas. Obviously, this does not matter a lot if you are enjoying whiskey at home. The bowl concentrates the fragrance of the whiskey and enables an improved aromatic experience.


This is perhaps the most common and popular glass in the world. The reason for this is because of its depiction in the mainstream media. It is a wide and short glass that has no stem or handle. That is the reason why they are ideal for those less ostentatious moments. This is particularly true if you want to relax and chill your whiskey over ice. Aside from that, the tumbler glass is extremely ideal for particular classic whiskey cocktails. This includes a Mint Julep or an Old Fashioned. This is due to its wide base. It makes it simple to muddle the ingredients of the cocktail. So, if you want to have a simple home bar, this glass is a must-have.